Our Services

Help us, help you to grow your clients,  grow your businesses to scale, increase your revenue by millions of dollars, birth new brands, make high level connections, gain major media appearances, and more.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Providing intentional guidance and support to entrepreneurs as they navigate business challenges. We create focused action plans, identify areas of business growth and development, focus on strategic direction, offer techniques to learn decisive decision making, and provide effective solutions to enhance our clients’ trajectory to business success.

Brand Development Coaching

Providing entrepreneurs with strategies to develop brand identity, unique products or services to stand out from competitors, relationships with target audience, and a strong branding image. 

Interview Coaching

Offering job seekers interview preparation, strategies to reduce interview anxiety, mock interviews, explore areas of improvement, tools to effectively research prospective employers, and provide in depth analysis of interview body language, appearance, tone, and responses. 

Confidence Coaching

Empowering those seeking to discover or increase confidence  by exploring and challenging doubts, negative perceptions, and lack of self-esteem. We use solution focused strategies to help clients break through barriers that prevent them from accessing their confidence. 

Career Transition Coaching

Assisting professionals with emotional and logistical challenges related to career transitions. We explore and assess readiness to make transitions, provide solutions to lack of career confidence, assist with discovery of career fit, provide tools to eliminate the stressors of career transitions, review resumes, interview prep, and much more. 

Website Design 

From retail, coaching, meal prep, to beauty industries, and booking services, we offer an array of website design and web revamping services. Please send us an email to tell us more. 

What Our Clients Say


Robyn Kiira

I remember wanting to start my own dance classes for so long and just not knowing the first steps to take. It was the first time in my life where I just couldn’t figure out the moves. I eventually found Seven Figure Soul who turned out to be exactly the person I needed to show, guide and teach me these moves. Her one on one entrepreneur coaching is truly a holy grail! They've helped me with everything from how to structure sessions, How to market my business, speaking and selling my brand, to the very name of my business. She’s is a big part of why my business is doing so well today. The tips and help she provided are all things that helped me to launch my business and accomplish a dream and goal I’ve had for over 8 years. I signed up for her coaching feeling despondent and completed my coaching with a business to call my own. I would definitely recommend signing up to any and everyone looking start their own business or to transition into a new career! 🏽 🏾🏽 

Robyn Kiira 

Founder of Island Dance Fitness