The Core of 

Seven Figure Soul

We provide creative services, resources and host social events to help you achieve personal fulfillment and success as an entrepreneur.


We’re a growing motivated team of dynamic women. We specialize in identifying education opportunities, business startup, business management, confidence boosting, and everything entrepreneurship.  We are thought leaders, soul creators, and we're filled of personality minus the ego. We wear many hats dedicated to amplifying voices, maximizing potential and creating opportunities for companies, small business owners, large corporations, and those ready to stop living in fear! 

The Jacque' Allen 

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Podcast Host, Educator, Success Coach who managed to quit her day job and turn her personality into a international brand.


As the Business Architect and Self Esteem Queen- the Founder of Seven Figure Soul, Heal Yeahh, The Mantra Management Group, TSC Growth Agency and Shift and Uplift Podcast -The Jacque' Allen takes pride in shifting your mindset and up leveling your life. Jacque's main goal when creating Seven Figure Soul was to focus on bringing happiness into your life, to help you build a business, and create courses that will one day make you millions.


She discovered Seven Figure Soul for those determined individuals  who needed a place to find their calling. The idea behind SFS was to provide hands on experience with guiding you step by step. As SFS nurture and coach you through your journey, we value transparency and we encourages diligence with the use of the literature as the primary tools while getting ahead. 

As The Jacque' Allen believes, life should be happiness based, she will help guide you on your path to success while creating your own lane. With a background in 

When you become a part of Seven Figure Soul, you are signing up for a raw and unfiltered experience. We take pride in ensuring you reach your full potential through the comprehension of the basic principles of Seven Figure Soul- The University.


The Jacque' Allen soul heartedly to become a member and a great student, you don't have to have everything figured out. All that we ask is to be equipped, ready, and willing to learn, with a strong desire to be better, be more, and be great.

Ms.Phylicia French

Phylicia French is an international Breakthrough Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, and Podcast Host. Ms. French has worked as an advisor and coach for 10 years. Having a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling was only the cherry on top for her natural born calling. She has infused counseling techniques and practices with coaching to help her clients break through barriers to access their best selves. This is what makes her passion and her qualifications official to be a coach, but Ms. French understands that coaching is more than's about facilitating results. 


For many years she was stuck and felt like she was never going to transition from being an academic advisor to a full-time entrepreneur. She lacked career confidence, had several business ideas that went nowhere, goals that she did not meet, and she quit when business failure inevitably came knocking at her door. It was easy for her to pour into others and motivate and inspire them, but she did not take her own advice, as we so often do.


Things changed for Ms. French when she finally recognized that she was the one thing standing in her own way. She realized she needed to commit to her dreams with full force and prioritize herself.


Ms. French used coaching and counseling techniques and practices, implemented the strategies and solutions she will teach you in coaching, but most importantly, she was deeply committed to experiencing her own emotional and career break through and transformation. 


Ms. French's hard work and commitment paid off; she is now blessed to be a full-time international entrepreneur, she has lived and coached abroad, she's traveling the world, and living the life of her dreams.


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

Seven Figure Soul is an organization that provides specialized programs for those interested in learning self help techniques, business secrets, and business tools, tricks, and resources in a judgement-free environment. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a family like environment of empowered women and kids who feel confident in their abilities to dig deep within, and remove self doubt. By teaching those from diverse backgrounds to learn to love yourself first, we can help those improve their family, their career, and their confidence in their everyday lives. 

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Our Values

We are committed to making sure those of all races, education levels, income, and upbringings can build confidence in themselves to prepare themselves and their future for the life that they deserve. Our goal is to provide a powerful uplifting hands on experience through courses, events, mentor-ship and other avenues to those seeking professional help in a loving, supportive family- like environment.

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